Blown Film Extrusion

The WINLINER® round-bottom bag, constructed of LDPE film, is cylindrical in shape with a circular disc on the bottom that contours perfectly to a round drum or pail – a fit far superior to what a flat-seal or gusseted bag could achieve. This fit minimizes wrinkling and eliminates the folds and air pockets that trap product and contribute to fatigue and failure in non-cylindrical containers. Patented processes assure both uniformity and strength of the seam seal.

WINLINER® Flat Seal Bag: Tubing is fed to a bar sealer, which cuts, heat-seals, and indexes the tubing to form “Cut and Fold” style bags. This process results in greater seal integrity, uniformity, and strength over that of ordinary “roll tear” bags.

Key Advantages

  • Film Liners lower shipping costs, eliminate costly and labor-intensive container cleansing, and keep pails and drums in circulation.
  • By producing its own film, Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. ensures total process control and eliminates dependence on outside suppliers.
  • Ultra-clean resin makes WINLINER® a popular choice for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. bags are also available with anti-stat, static-dissipative or conductive properties to meet specialized application needs. High density construction also available for custom applications.