CUBE® Process

The CUBITAINER® is created by a proprietary process unique to Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc., best described as continuous, molten sheet extrusion coupled with vacuum/thermo-forming. The result is a robust, yet collapsible, plastic container. The CUBE® is tough enough to pass UN-testing for regulated materials.

CUBITAINER’s® revolutionary design doesn’t require a pouring vent — as it empties, the CUBE® collapses and its contents evacuate in an uninterrupted stream (no “glugging”). There’s no need for a pouring vent – an important feature in oxygen-sensitive applications. Unlike a bag, which tends to trap liquid contents in the folds and corners, the CUBE® holds its shape sufficiently to allow nearly all of its contents to evacuate — eliminating wasteful product loss.

All of these features are the result of the tried-and-true Winstead Process for CUBITAINER® manufacturing.  Over the years, many others have tried to replicate this patented process, but their containers have not held up to the durability of the one-and-only CUBITAINER®.

Key Advantages

  • High purity resin and clean manufacturing process – ideal for medical applications
  • Knocked down CUBITAINER® provide an 8:1 space saving ratio versus pails
  • Low space requirements translate into low shipping and storage costs
  • Flexible, yet rugged construction allows the container to withstand rough handling
  • Custom designed molds typically cost 75% LESS than other plastic processing molds

CUBITAINER® Comparisons