CUBITAINER® is the WHOLE package.

  • Collapsible.
  • Stackable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Tough.
  • Durable.
  • Unparalleled resin cleanliness.
  • Easy to Fill.
  • No glugging.
  • No venting.
  • Complete evacuation.

CUBITAINER® is flexible by design and ready to meet any demand.


Flexible LDPE material provides collapsibility, resulting in reduced transportation & storage costs.

Safe & Fast

No vent required!! Your product is dispensed in a continuous, uninterrupted stream with complete evacuation, limited exposure and zero product waste.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Unique shape maximizes use of storage and transportation space, which equals cost savings for you and carbon reduction benefits for our planet. Furthermore, it is highly configurable to fit any application space requirement.

Tough & Durable

CUBITAINER's® design allows for its use a robust container. Optional molded handle dramatically improves handling.

Flexibility for Any Application

CUBITAINER® eliminates filling restrictions with two different openings available: traditional 38mm and 63mm threaded.

Engineered for Safety, Efficiency, and Value.

Non Glug & Total Emptying

The CUBITAINER® is designed to collapse as your product is dispensed in a continuous, uninterrupted stream – no need for a space-wasting second opening or pouring vent! The unique, patented design of CUBITAINER® permits gradual yet complete evacuation of product, unlike bag-in-box designs, which close off and trap your valuable product in folds and corners.

Engineered for Toughness & Durability

More than seven decades of consistently superior performance in the most demanding applications truly qualify CUBITAINER® as high performance packaging. The CUBITAINER® has served as the shipping package for everything from battery acid to delicate Japanese sake to inert deionized water. Customers around the globe trust CUBITAINER® in air shipments, ocean freight, rail, and over-road transit to get their product to its destination safely, intact, and ready-to-use. Once there, CUBE® can be transformed into an efficient dispensing container simply by attaching a faucet or connector system.

Easy to Fill

The CUBITAINER® is available collapsed (nested / knocked down) or pre-assembled and ready to fill. CUBE® is easily adapted to most in-line filling systems; in most cases this can be accomplished simply by installing rails to support the CUBITAINER® neck.

Truly Flexible

CUBITAINER® is made from a proprietary blend of LDPE and LLDPE, which are both fairly inert materials compatible with a wide variety of substances. Container treatment options such as fluorination, PVDC coating or gamma irradiation extend the suitability of CUBITAINER® for your application. An array of standard sizes are available in knocked-down or assembled formats, with myriad custom options available to meet most filling and storage requirements.

Collapsible Design

The unique CUBITAINER® forming process creates a seam much stronger than a “bag” seam, which must occur as a secondary sealing operation. The CUBE®’s proprietary design results in a robust container that is foldable, nestable, and collapsible, allowing it to ship and store nested, or “Knocked Down”. In fact, KD CUBITAINER® uses 1/8th the space of rigid pail. Now that’s serious storage, transport, and disposal savings.

Resin Cleanliness

Hedwin Division has gone to great lengths to source the cleanest, purest resin available and adheres to stringent processing methods. We never purchase regrind or second-quality material and any regrind we may use is our own. Our resin is exposed only to closed-loop handling systems on our clean, corrugate-free production floor. This care in resin selection and processing results in extremely low particle-count containers which are widely used in medical and food applications.


The CUBITAINER® is a blend of linear-low and low density polyethylene, with an HDPE neck.  When the neck is removed, the CUBE® has an SPI recycling code of “4” and is widely recyclable and largely returned to the resin supply team. Corrugate is the most recycled packaging material on earth, according to the EPA. Not only is this great for our planet, but it also reduces disposal costs and alleviates concerns regarding secondary use and liability exposure, as compared to rigid packaging such as plastic buckets.

Completely Customizable

Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. provides cost-effective, custom packaging configurations for numerous applications across a wide variety of markets. The same process that makes a cube-shaped container also makes an impressive assortment of special shapes and sizes, each customized for a unique application.