Compare to Plastic Pails

We at Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. are committed to delivering increasingly precise and sustainable performance packaging.

This means lower cost for you and lower impact on the environment without sacrificing performance.

Good for Business, Good for our Planet

The CUBITAINER® contains 83% less plastic content than plastic pails, making the CUBITAINER® less affected by resin increases and better for our planet.

Maximize Storage Space

The CUBE® shape more efficiently utilizes space without “empty zones” as with round pails.
A filled CUBITAINER® uses 26% less storage space than open head pails.

Example: One pallet of 95 filled 5 gal/20 liter CUBITAINERS® takes up 96 cubic feet of storage space. The same number of filled 5 gal. open head pails takes up 130 cubic feet of space.

Keep Products & People Safe

  • Designed to withstand the rigors of hazardous chemical packaging
  • DOT Classified as “4G Combination Package”
  • Meets UN and FDA specifications
  • No lid popping concerns
  • No risk of children drowning as with open head pails

CUBITAINER’s® Cost & Space Savings

Based on an annual use of 100,000 Five Gal. Pails:
Tight Head Pails Nested Open Head Pails Knocked Down CUBITAINERS®
33 truckloads 16 truckloads 4 truckloads
A 53′ trailer can transport:
Rectangular Tight Head Pails Nested Open Head Pails Knocked Down CUBITAINERS®
3,360 pails 6,300 pails 25,000 CUBITAINERS®

Less Waste Removal & Tipping Fees

  • CUBITAINER® uses 1/8th the space of open head pails
  • Unique CUBE® design is easily triple rinsed
  • LLPDE CUBE® is completely recyclable
  • Optional corrugated overpack is completely recyclable

CUBITAINER’s® Small Footprint

20L CUBITAINER® 5.5 G Plastic Pail
Transport: 65g Transport: 542g
Production: 48g Production: 300g
Raw Material: 447g Raw Material: 2667g

More Flexibility

  • Easily customizable to fit your precise needs
  • Custom design capabilities at a fraction of the cost of rigid options
  • Up to 5 panels for branding and use instructions versus only 2 for pails