CUBITAINER® vs Bag-in-Box

We at Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. are committed to delivering increasingly precise and sustainable performance packaging. This means lower cost for you and lower impact on the environment without sacrificing performance.

Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. CUBITAINER®



Ability to ship Group II or Group III products with specific gravity over 1.2 Limits on product contents


Works with existing filling equipment Specialty filling equipment required


CUBE® design does not contain folds and promotes total emptying, providing the best value for the end user Bags with folds or flimsy constructions collapse on itself, trapping product and reducing value for the end user


CUBE® seam formed during molding process for maximum package integrity and durability Seam formed as secondary process


Recycle Icon LDPESPI coded 4 for easier recycling; can be triple rinsed Recycle Icon OtherSPI coded 7 for “other” materials and not as easy to recycle; inability to rinse thoroughly


Not just a “cube” – customizable shapes and sizes with numerous options to meet you product and working environment demands. Limited product applications and configurations


Available in small or large quantities, making it ideal for segmented product lines or beta-testing Typically much higher minimum quantities

In addition to the high level comparison points above, we’ve developed an e-book to compare these two types of products in greater detail.

CUBITAINER® vs Bag-In-Box E-Book