CUBITAINER® is a semi-rigid plastic CUBE®, or bladder, which we patented in 1956. It offers significant performance, environmental and cost-saving advantages over alternatives for storage, transport and handling of liquid, viscous and granular materials.

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CUBITAINER® is available in two different formats: Assembled and Knocked-Down. Your operation and warehousing needs will determine which is the most appropriate choice.

Knocked-Down CUBITAINER® products arrive in bulk, deflated in nested stacks to minimize storage and freight charges. They will require inflation prior to filling. Many opt to place it in a carton for ease of stacking and transport. Accompanying cartons may be purchased directly from us, or from your supplier of choice.

Assembled CUBITAINER® products arrive ready to go, with the CUBE® pre-inflated, capped, and ready-to-fill in a corrugated carton. Cartons are available with a variety of functional and style options, including customized printing. Many organizations prefer this time-saving option.

Please use the links below to review many of the options we offer in each format.