Sale of Hedwin Division Blow Molding Operations

November 16, 2015

To: All Hedwin Division Customers

From: The Hedwin Division of Zacros America

Subject: Sale of Hedwin Division Blow Molding Operations

Dear Valued Customer,

Today, the Hedwin Division of Zacros America sold its blow molding operation to Anchor Plastics Limited located in Montreal, Canada and has ceased manufacturing blow molded products.

Anchor Plastics Limited is an established blow molder of containers for use in the consumer, food and industrial markets that has been serving Canada and North America for over 30 years. They have a reputation for being customer centric and quality orientated which is why they have been able to continuously grow their business year-over-year.

The Hedwin Division searched for a blow molder with capabilities to manufacture our Hedpak® and WinPak® products with better efficiency, improved product quality and with responsive customer service regarding order fulfillment. Anchor Plastics is this company.

Anchor Plastics will relocate the blow molding assets acquired from the Hedwin Division into their Montreal, Canada facility by early December 2015. Relocation of these assets will begin this week in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prior to ceasing our blow molding operation, the Hedwin Division worked closely with Anchor Plastics to produce increased inventory of high turnover Hedpak® and Winpak® products so Anchor Plastics would be able to quickly fulfill orders.

For the foreseeable future, Anchor Plastics will warehouse Hedpak® and Winpak® products, as well as, other products it manufactures in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Their goal is to earn your business with fast order fulfillment and very responsive customer service.

Effective immediately, all orders for Hedpak® and Winpak® products are to be sent to:

Anchor Plastics Ltd
730 St-Etienne
L’Assomption, Quebec Canada J5W 1Z1
Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number 800-964-9771
Contact: Mr. Angy Potvin – CEO/President

Upon receipt, orders received by the Hedwin Division from our customers for HedPak® and WinPak® products will be forwarded to Anchor Plastics for fulfillment.

On behalf of all Hedwin Division of Zacros America employees, I thank you for your continued support to purchase our CUBITAINER®, Fujitainer® and Liner product lines. We will earn your business … every day!

Thank You,
Richard Broo

*CUBITAINER® is a registered trademark of Zacros America
*Fujitainer® is a registered trademark of Zacros America
*HedPak® is a registered trademark of Anchor Plastics Ltd
*WinPak® is a registered trademark of Anchor Plastics Ltd