Palletizing Shipments

December 10, 2018

Dear Customer,

Due to an ongoing shift in the trucking industry, many carriers are now requiring that all shipments be palletized.
To meet these new carrier requirements, effective December 1 2018, all LTL (less than truckload) shipments from the Zacros America – Hedwin Division will need to be palletized.
As everyone’s needs differ, we are pleased to offer a variety of pallets to help all of our customers keep up with these industry changes:

  • PAL4194 40×48 house pallet; used* $8.90 each
  • PAL4370 40×48 New pallet, 4 way $19.75 each
  • PAL4673 38×42 Heavy duty, 2 way $21.95 each

For international shipments, there are three to choose from. The most common is listed first:

  • PAL4350 Heat Treated** 40×48 New pallet, 4 way $24.75 each
  • PAL4196 Heat Treated** 40×51 New pallet, 4 way $27.20 each
  • PAL4371 Heat Treated** 42×48 New pallet, 4 way $24.93 each

*Used pallets are usually 4-way, but not guaranteed to be 4-way.
** Note that international shipments require heat treated pallets

Please contact your Customer Service specialist with any questions you may have.

Zacros America-Hedwin Division

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