Immediate Price Increase Based on Resin Supply

October 2, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

As we previously informed you on September 8 2017 regarding the Polyethylene Force Majeure notice from our suppliers, the effects of Hurricane Harvey are ongoing and continue to put a strain on resin supplies throughout the industry. Zacros has worked diligently to source a continuous supply through this difficult period. However, during this time, resin costs for Zacros have increased significantly. Zacros will continue to honor the price on all orders received and accepted prior to this letter, but effective from the date of this letter, all new orders will be subject to the following price increase, detailed in the below chart.

Please adjust your purchase orders to reflect the new pricing as of September 29th, 2017 and maintain that pricing until we have updated you with any subsequent changes. We are hopeful that in the first quarter resin prices will correct themselves for both us and you our customers.

Item Increase in price/unit (USD)
1 liter/1 quart $0.046
4 liter/1 gallon $0.034
5.1 liter/5 quart $0.042
10 liter/2.5 gallon $0.060
20 liter/5 gallon $0.100


Yasuo Iwasa
President of Hedwin Division
Executive Vice President of Zacros America