Hedwin Division Price Increase Announcement

October 2, 2014

Effective November 6, 2014, all shipments of Hedwin Division CUBITAINER® Liner Products, Blow Molded products, as well as, Hedwin and Reike Brand Caps will increase by $0.03 per pound.

Recently, our suppliers for HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE thermoplastic resins announced a price increase effective October 15, 2014. These price increases are driven by increases in the cost of raw material feed stocks required to produce Polyethylene resins and global capacity for polyethylene production remaining close to full capacity with no new capacity coming on-stream this year or next year.

Hedwin Corporation will continue efforts to optimize our manufacturing costs to keep them as low as possible. However, we can’t absorb the cost of escalating thermoplastic raw materials.

Naturally, should this recent price increase announcement be rescinded by the Polyethylene Resin Suppliers, the Hedwin Division will rescind it as well.

Please contact your Hedwin Corporation Sales or Customer Service Representative regarding how this particular price increase affects the purchase price of the products that you purchase from Hedwin Corporation.

If you are under a Sales Agreement with the Hedwin Division that has a quarterly or semi-annual price adjustment mechanism, this increase will be realized per the terms of our agreement.

On behalf of all Hedwin Division employees, I thank you for your continued business and for the right to earn it …. every day.

Richard F. Broo