CUBITAINER® Assembly Process and Product Update – Initial Notification

September 6, 2017

Dear Customer:

Please allow us to formally notify you, with this letter, of an upcoming project being undertaken in our Assembled CUBITAINER® department.

In an effort to improve the reliability of our Assembled CUBITAINER® products, we are in the initial stages of designing and installing NEW process equipment on our assembly lines in Newark, DE.

In conjunction with this installation, we have consulted with corrugated industry experts to develop some improvements to the outer cartons used for Assembled CUBITAINER® products. Although outer cartons may change, please be assured that the interior CUBITAINER® bladder will remain unchanged with this project.

While the finished product will look similar to our current Assembled CUBES®, some aspects of the carton are being modified. The project aims to provide a superior Assembled CUBITIANER® through the implementation of six primary changes to the final product, some functional and visible while others are a part of the process:

Current Feature Proposed New Feature Benefit(s)
Top Handle Side holes and/or top hole Ergonomic improvement, improved seal on top flaps
Interlocking minor flaps Provide structure/support during sealing
Dust cover Integral hinged corrugated cover Improved fit, delivery/storage efficiency
Cold Glue Hot Glue Wider temperature tolerance, defect reduction
Form from folded flat Form from flat sheet Stronger glue joint, improved flap sealing, improved squaring
Packaging Tray Slip Sheet Process flow and handling improvements

This project includes a complete qualification plan. All inner dimensions will remain the same as those on current cartons. Before market release, all tested parameters, such as burst strength, will be proven to be equivalent or superior to current assembled CUBITAINER® results.

There are some key exclusions to this project scope: Assembled CUBITAINER® products shipping from our Reno, NV facility remain unchanged. CUBITAINER® products assembled using “crash-lock” (glue-less) cartons will be excluded at this time, although may change at a later date.

Please continue without changes to your ordering process until notified. Product changes will be made in stages as new dies become qualified on the new process machinery and final material test results are proven. In late calendar 2017, we reach the material testing stages of this project. At that time, once the new equipment has been installed and verified, our representatives will be in contact with detail on sample availability and part number conversion.

This is the initial announcement of this project, and more detail and additional information will be provided on our website as we continue. You are welcome to peruse our internal PCN (Part Change Notice) form, which is attached for your records. This document will be updated as necessary on www.hedwin.com/resources and we encourage you to check there often.

As we are still in initial planning stages, we request your feedback and questions, so that we are best informed to represent your needs as implementation progresses. Please contact us using our contact information found in the PCN attached, at [email protected] or via phone at 800.890.1183 with your thoughts and needs related to this project.

We thank you for your continued business and support of the Hedwin Division of Zacros America. We look forward to using these changes to serve you better.


Best regards,

The Technical, Quality and Sales Team at the Hedwin Division of Zacros America

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