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Palletizing Shipments

Dear Customer,

Due to an ongoing shift in the trucking industry, many carriers are now requiring that all shipments be palletized.
To meet these new carrier requirements, effective December 1 2018, all LTL (less than truckload) shipments from the Zacros America – Hedwin Division will need to be palletized.
As everyone’s needs differ, we are pleased to offer a variety of pallets to help all of our customers keep up with these industry changes:

  • PAL4194 40×48 house pallet; used* $8.90 each
  • PAL4370 40×48 New pallet, 4 way $19.75 each
  • PAL4673 38×42 Heavy duty, 2 way $21.95 each

For international shipments, there are three to choose from. The most common is listed first:

  • PAL4350 Heat Treated** 40×48 New pallet, 4 way $24.75 each
  • PAL4196 Heat Treated** 40×51 New pallet, 4 way $27.20 each
  • PAL4371 Heat Treated** 42×48 New pallet, 4 way $24.93 each

*Used pallets are usually 4-way, but not guaranteed to be 4-way.
** Note that international shipments require heat treated pallets

Please contact your Customer Service specialist with any questions you may have.

Zacros America-Hedwin Division

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Urgent Notification: 38mm Cap Recall

Dear Valued Customer,

We have just been informed that our cap supplier has had to recall their caps due to a recall from their liner supplier. Specific lots have been quarantined which have a quality issue related to the oxygen absorption content of the liner material. Based on their notification, we have quarantined the parts we received which are from the quarantined batches. Our Quality department has confirmed that no affected caps have been released from our facility.

The cap manufacturer is working with the liner company to get this resolved. This will affect all of our 38mm caps which are item numbers COM6958 and COM6976. We have just been notified, by phone, that production is tentatively scheduled to restart on or after 17 August, with the window of our first delivery to be between 8/22 to 8/24.

For those of our customers who receive boxes of these caps in bulk, please contact our Customer Service department and let us know what your inventory level is currently. We request that you use your buffer inventory and we will bring you back up to those levels after everything has been resolved. If your Cubitainers come with either of these caps attached, please confirm if you will accept delivery of them without caps at this time. If not, we will work with you to reschedule delivery dates once the caps arrive.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.


Daihei Sakanoue

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Value-Added Packaging to Meet Every Need

Value Added Packaging PDF Flier
Download our flier to learn more about our value-added packaging

If you’re familiar with the CUBITAINER®, you are likely already familiar with the Hedwin Division of Zacros America.  However, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the array of flexible packaging options available from Zacros America corporate.  Experts in all types of flexible packaging, Zacros America specializes in laminated functional packages.  Zacros focuses on reduction of product/package waste, customization, environmental consciousness and maximizing value.  Flagship products are Flowpack single-use pouches and Z-tainer bag-in-box.  Get to know these products HERE and contact us today for a more in-depth look at how we can customize these to meet your needs

Immediate Price Increase Based on Resin Supply

Dear Valued Customer,

As we previously informed you on September 8 2017 regarding the Polyethylene Force Majeure notice from our suppliers, the effects of Hurricane Harvey are ongoing and continue to put a strain on resin supplies throughout the industry. Zacros has worked diligently to source a continuous supply through this difficult period. However, during this time, resin costs for Zacros have increased significantly. Zacros will continue to honor the price on all orders received and accepted prior to this letter, but effective from the date of this letter, all new orders will be subject to the following price increase, detailed in the below chart.

Please adjust your purchase orders to reflect the new pricing as of September 29th, 2017 and maintain that pricing until we have updated you with any subsequent changes. We are hopeful that in the first quarter resin prices will correct themselves for both us and you our customers.

Item Increase in price/unit (USD)
1 liter/1 quart $0.046
4 liter/1 gallon $0.034
5.1 liter/5 quart $0.042
10 liter/2.5 gallon $0.060
20 liter/5 gallon $0.100


Yasuo Iwasa
President of Hedwin Division
Executive Vice President of Zacros America

Polyethylene Force Majeure Notice From Vendor

We thank you for your ongoing use of CUBITAINER® products.

As you are aware, extreme damage and flooding in the Houston area from Hurricane Harvey has affected petroleum markets in the United States.  It has taken several days for waters to recede and for assessments to be made in refineries and downstream operations.

We have been closely monitoring these events, and working with our polyethylene supply chain to mitigate the effects.  Today, our resin suppliers based in the Houston area have declared Force Majeure events as a result of this storm.  We want to alert you that these declarations will likely have an effect on our ability to supply you with CUBITAINER® products in the fourth quarter.

Those effects are still being calculated.  Our division President, Mr. Yasuo Iwasa, has issued a statement outlining our efforts to manage our deliveries and communicate with you over the coming weeks. Please read it HERE (PDF).

Rest assured that our entire team is dedicated to mitigating this situation and we will pass on information as quickly as we are able.  We appreciate your patience and continued support.

Best regards,

Everyone at the Hedwin Division of Zacros America