Film Packaging

Zacros provides packaging solutions designed to promote efficiency, convenience, safety, the environment, and advanced functionality. Product protection is the basis of everything we do.

  • All of our products are designed to maximize value and functionality, and reduce shipping and storage costs.
  • Extremely efficient—your product is preserved with 97 to 100% evacuation rates.
  • Customization is a hallmark of our product offerings—all of our product lines have various features which can be tailored to work seamlessly with your requirements.
  • The environment is important! Our products are produced responsibly, and are designed to reduce waste and promote recyclability
  • Since 1914, Zacros has been a pioneer and renowned producer of protective packaging. One hundred years later, Zacros acquired Hedwin, which had invented the first flexible plastic package. We combine the legacy and innovative spirit of these entities to pursue the most advanced technologies in materials and functionality.
  • Zacros is the only global entity that is able to provide molded-style bladders and laminated film bag-in-box.



  • Single-use pouch for liquid applications such as shampoo, cooking oil, detergent and lotions
  • Variety of film structures available for best compatibility with and protection of your product
  • Fully customizable into non-standard sizes, cuts and configurations
  • Integrated pour spout with 3 standard diameters available
  • Sizes from single-serve/retail to 1L

More information: http://www.zacrosamerica.com/personal-care/



  • Gusseted bag for bag-in-box applications such as alcoholic beverages, flavorings, concentrates and chemicals
  • Available with various lamination films, customized by application
  • Integrated grip handles for ease in filling and transport
  • Variety of dispensing/capping options available
  • Standard sizes: 5L, 10L, 18L and 20L

More information: http://www.zacros.co.jp/english/products/ztainer.html