Sanitary and Janitorial Chemicals

Keep people and products safe with less space, cost, and plastic content.

Hedwin CUBITAINER® with label containing sanitary cleaner.
Hedwin CUBITAINER® with label containing sanitary cleaner.

Since 1946, Hedwin has provided enhanced safety packaging for demanding applications from hazardous materials to foods to medical diagnostics. Our expertise in keeping people and products safe at every stage of the process, from the initial filling and packaging, to shipping and transit, all the way to the eventual end use of your products, helps our clients reduce package liability and increase customer satisfaction.

Get the perfect fit with Hedwin

We offer a wide variety of proven solutions at standard sizes for prompt shipment. If your product requires customization, we excel at providing well-fitting solutions that provide high performance from manufacturing to delivery.

Key Advantages

  • Wide array of customer tested, proven packaging solutions ready to ship: rigid containers, semi-rigid liners, film liners, and proprietary custom packaging
  • We produce our own film, ensuring total quality
  • Legacy of expertise in over 6 plastics manufacturing processes, with the ability to combine techniques to provide the best solution for you
  • Rapid prototyping and low minimum quantities for product testing
  • Expertise in supply chain alignment

Real People, Real Applications

Hedwin’s 20 liter CUBITAINER® with corrugated overpacks are shipped knocked down to save on shipping and storage, then assembled and filled with floor finish sold in bulk to Kmart. The significant cost savings and ease of use is superior to their previous container, and more environmentally friendly to boot!

All resulting in $$$’s savings!