Paints & Adhesives

Tough. Space Saving. Easy to Handle. Complete Evacuation.

Spraying Road Lines
Our rugged containers have a variety of dispensing options.

Whatever your application needs, you can trust that Hedwin’s deep knowledge of plastics processing, compliance issues, sustainable business practices, and packaging efficiency will deliver the perfect container for your product.

Key Advantages

  • Rugged, yet flexible standalone containers
  • Range of sizes from small product sample containers to large containers for mixing
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to dispense
  • Various dispensing options for optimal control and safety
  • Special container treatments, such as fluorine, PVDC, or SARAN to extend product shelf life
  • Tamper evident packaging options
  • Containers can easily be decorated for increased brand recognition and instructional information
  • Expertise in regulated products
  • Enhanced product safety during transit
  • Throughly tested containers to meet UN and DOT requirements
  • Maximal space utility for shipping and storage savings

Real People, Real Applications

Selected Packaging Applications:

  • Assembled 20 liter 63mm CUBITAINER® is used by paint manufacturers to send liquid and powder samples to customers and prospects. Small size, secure shipping, and easy dispensing make this the perfect container.
  • 10 liter CUBITAINER® filled with paint is inserted into a field marking machine connected to a sprayer using our Colder UDC. Low shipping costs, easy filling, handling, and dispensing.
  • 2.5 gallon CUBITAINER® is shipped knocked down and nested, then filled with mortar adhesive. A 2-part package, it is shipped to the end user in a 6G metal pail with powder.