CUBITAINER® Clean Water Kit

Samaritan’s Purse - Case Study

Residents of a disaster stricken area drinking clean water thanks to CUBITAINER®
Residents of a disaster stricken area drinking clean water thanks to CUBITAINER®

Samaritan’s Purse (SP) is an international relief organization whose efforts include disaster relief, medical missions, crisis and disaster response, health and medical ministries, and women’s programs, among many others. As an aid provider, SP must have equipment that is practical, transportable, and of the highest quality.

The Goal

In many situations, the recipients of SP’s efforts are in dire need of clean water. In this particular instance, SP sought a convenient and economical way to administer Procter & Gamble’s PuR water purification sachets. These sachets allow contaminated water to be mixed and filtered during the early stages of energy response, usually when clean drinking water is not readily available on-site.

Analyzing Solutions

The applications-focused sales team from the Hedwin Division of Zacros America stepped in to assess possibilities. They considered the urgent need for a complete solution that would allow for the filtration and mixing of contaminated water as well as the storage of all components used in the process. With the understanding that quality and durability were of the utmost importance, HDZA pulled from many internal resources to develop a kit comprising all elements critical to the effective administration of PuR.

Finding An Answer

The team decided that the flexible 10-liter CUBITAINER® with a large resealable screw cap would be the primary kit ingredient.  Prototype samples to were provided to SP, which were taken directly into the field for evaluation.The results were overwhelmingly positive.

It was an ideal solution.  The 10-liter container ensured that relief victims could mix the proper amount of water, maximizing the effectiveness of the purification process.  The roomy 63mm neck allowed sufficient access into the CUBITAINER® for introducing the purification elements, while the closure from the resealable screw cap decreased the risk of contamination compared to other container types.


Ultimately, HDZA produced a kit that included the following items, all packaged in a branded resealable poly bag:

  • Two folded 10-liter CUBITAINERs® with handle and 63-millimeter screw cap opening
  • Filter cloth
  • Stirrer
  • Safety scissors
  • Instructions for mixing PuR

Corrugated shipping cases were packed with 14 kits each, allowing  8,232 kits to be loaded on a 40-foot ocean container. Other plastic containers such as pails and bottles helped with packing efficiency.

The SP logo on the poly bag and on all four sides of the shipper reminds people of the relief organization’s goal: to “[provide] aid to hurting people around the world.”

These kits were forward-staged in the United States and Dubai to rapidly respond to emergencies. SP has also incorporated HDZA’s 10-liter, 38-millimeter CUBITAINER® product line — complete with in-mold handles — for other water purification applications.

For more information on HDZA’s CUBITAINER® Products, download our in-depth CUBITAINER® Presentation today.