Foods & Flavorings Packaging

High Performance, BPA free Taste & Flavor Protection

Key Advantages

  • Safe, FDA compliant container for food contact
  • BPA free
  • Superior resin noted for cleanliness
  • In-house manufacturing ensuring total quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Complete evacuation – no vent required
  • Provides increased food safety over open head pails
  • Store more product in less space
  • Superior performance over open head pails in drop tests
  • Ship and store CUBITAINERS® knocked down and nested for even more space & shipping savings
  • Easily customizable to meet your precise needs

Real People, Real Applications

Gekkeikan uses CUBITAINER® for its world famous sake

Gekkeikan Cubitainer Packaging
Gekkeikan trusts CUBITAINER® to deliver their famous sake.

One of only 41 members of a prestigious and selective association of family-owned bicentenary companies known as the Henokiens, Gekkeikan Sake Company, Ltd., Fushimi, Japan, has been brewing its country’s national alcoholic drink since 1637. In the 370-plus years since, the company has consistently embraced new technology to improve the quality and presentation of its sake. In Folsom, CA, the company’s U.S. facility continues this trend.

Shasta Soft Drink Concentrates use CUBITAINER®

Shasta Logo
CUBITAINER® consistently outperforms other containers, making it Shasta’s number one trusted container to deliver their beverage concentrates.

For years Shasta Beverage’s flavor concentrate plant in Hayward, California, has packaged its soft drink concentrates in the CUBITAINER® from Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. . Other containers have been considered as replacements, but the advantages of the CUBE® keep Shasta loyal. Ongoing evaluations of the CUBITAINER® and other packaging options often result in comparisons between the CUBE® and 5-gallon plastic pails.