Foods & Flavorings Packaging

High Performance, BPA free Taste & Flavor Protection

Key Advantages

  • Safe, FDA compliant container for food contact
  • BPA free
  • Superior resin noted for cleanliness
  • In-house manufacturing ensuring total quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Complete evacuation – no vent required
  • Provides increased food safety over open head pails
  • Store more product in less space
  • Superior performance over open head pails in drop tests
  • Ship and store CUBITAINERS® knocked down and nested for even more space & shipping savings
  • Easily customizable to meet your precise needs

Real People, Real Applications

Gekkeikan uses CUBITAINER® for its world famous sake

Gekkeikan Cubitainer Packaging
Gekkeikan trusts CUBITAINER® to deliver their famous sake.

One of only 41 members of a prestigious and selective association of family-owned bicentenary companies known as the Henokiens, Gekkeikan Sake Company, Ltd., Fushimi, Japan, has been brewing its country’s national alcoholic drink since 1637. In the 370-plus years since, the company has consistently embraced new technology to improve the quality and presentation of its sake. In Folsom, CA, the company’s U.S. facility continues this trend.