Quality at the Hedwin Division

Quality is one of our key values here at the Hedwin Division of Zacros America.  Every facet of our business is evaluated continuously, via formal and informal methods in the Japanese manner.  Throughout our processes, quality is built into every detail via several platforms:


We strive to supply sustainable flexible packaging solutions that support environmental stewardship and exceed our customers’ requirements in diverse applications. We continually improve our products, processes and quality management system to support this effort, while bringing a high level of satisfaction to our customers around the world.


We have been continually certified to ISO standards since 1995, one of the first plastic packaging companies in the US to attain this certification.

Download our ISO Certification


Resin is the foundation of our product; it is the foundation of our quality.  We purchase ONLY prime grade virgin resin – never suspect regrind.  Any regrind used in production processes is our own.  It has been exposed only to our closed-loop material handling system thus avoiding any potential sources of contamination.


Supporting parts for CUBITAINER® such as necks, rings, dustcovers and more are injection-molded on the same clean production floor as CUBITAINER® to ensure a perfect fit every time.  These parts are deposited into dust-free, reusable, color-coded plastic totes and wheeled right over to the CUBE® production line.

We staff in-house mold and tool shops, so that our molds and tools are kept in service and optimized for our production processes at all times.


Iterative procedures throughout manufacturing help to bring only the most flawless products to the market.

For all of our products, we employ a positive release program and redundant visual inspection points.  CUBITAINER® products are tested via underwater leak testing chambers, a patent-pending pinhole tester, and various on-line test protocols.

Hedwin Cubitainer AssemblyAll shop floor procedures stem from our comprehensive Total Quality Manual (TQM), which guides operators on equipment master set-ups, work instructions, SQC checks, reaction plans and training.

For materials that get to us in less-than-perfect condition from our suppliers, we run a Supplier Corrective Action Reporting (SCAR) system.

Ongoing testing is performed in our in-house packaging lab, which features:

  • Vibration table
  • Drop testing platform
  • Variable ovens and freezers
  • Hydrostatic pressure tank
  • Compression table
  • Environmental conditioning chamber
  • Video measuring systems
  • Raw materials testing instrumentation
  • Seam burst testing equipment
  • UN DOT simulations

We employ a rigorous customer/application on-boarding program – Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) – to ensure that our packages are fully compatible with the material intended for use within.  This process also serves as the design control mechanism for custom projects.

When things do go wrong, we have a thorough Customer Complaint Reporting (CCR) process which allows us to record, react and respond appropriately to any concerns.