Providing precision performance packaging since 1946.

Legacy of Expertise

The Value of Experience

Our roots as pioneers in the field of packaging and plastics processing stretch back more than 70 years. In 1946, Thomas W. Winstead joined with Lenox Burkhed to form the Hedwin Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland. The company began producing various plastic bottles and vessels. Ten years of hard work came together in 1956 when Winstead filed patent applications for new products and manufacturing processes which forever changed the packaging industry. These were among the earliest use of plastics for packaging in the US, and would become today’s CUBITAINER®, and Assembled CUBITAINER®.

Since its start as the Hedwin Corporation, today’s Hedwin Division of Zacros America has seen a lot of change. We’ve entered and exited many diverse plastic product markets including military canteens, placemats, carboys, drum and pail liners, auto parts and weapons housings. Although these and many other things have come and gone, we have stayed true to our origins with the CUBITAINER® all along the way.

In the early days, CUBITAINER® was formed by manually stapling polyethylene sheets to a frame. The frames were heated until the plastic became soft enough to vacuum form in half a mold. Two mold halves were then pushed together to seal the two sheets, forming one CUBE®. When the sheets cooled, an operator stepped in, using handheld scissors to cut out the CUBE®.

Today, our newest fully-automated CUBITAINER® production lines in Newark, Delaware eliminate virtually all human contact and potential contamination, with the capacity to put out thousands of CUBE® products each day. We’ve come so far!

Immense technical advances in manufacturing techniques, resin properties and quality assurance practices allow our cornerstone product to offer the same unparalleled durability and quality the marketplace has come to expect. When you use a CUBITAINER® you have over 70 years of experience and expertise behind it.