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Keep pails in service, reduce product contamination, and save.

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Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc.’s PAYLINER® replaced corrugated boxes lined with poly bags to effectively reduce employee injuries, reduce filling line down time, reduce product loss, and reduce quality complaints.

PAYLINER® Film Liner is a disposable pail liner well suited for in-plant and product shipment applications. Our proprietary forming process provides our clients with increased liner performance and greater customization options for the perfect fit. We offer a variety of ready to ship pail liners to fit a variety of metal and plastic pails, or we can create a custom liner for your specific needs.

  • Fits the contour of pails
  • Uses 1/10th the material found in open head pails
  • Available in HDPE or LDPE
  • Can be used with plastic or metal pails
  • Keep pails in service
  • No need for pail cleaning chemicals
  • No need for costly interior pail coatings
  • Reduce employee injuries
  • Reduce down time on filling lines and presses
  • Reduce product loss due to contamination
  • Patented process assures uniformity and strength
  • Made with our own Hedwin Division of Zacros America, Inc. produced sheeting and film to ensure highest quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Anti-Static, Static Dissipative, and Conductive Liners also available

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